Company Overview

NuGrow Pty Ltd (NuGrow) has been a market leader in the areas of organic waste recycling, composting, soil conditioner and soil manufacturing for the last 15 years. During inception, NuGrow had a vision to find sustainable and practical uses for domestic, commercial and industrial waste products that would close the loop between recycling, manufacturing and retail. NuGrow recognised that there was a better solution for organic waste disposal and utilised their extensive knowledge of soils to develop a methodology for combining the two. The end product resulted in compost and soil conditioners being developed which finalises the recycling process in a way that enriches the environment.

NuGrow supplies quality compost and soil conditioners which conform to Australian Standards AS4454-2012: Composts, Soil Conditioners and Mulches and AS4419-2003: Soils for Landscaping and Garden Use. All of NuGrow’s finished compost and soil conditioners are subject to regular laboratory testing in order to monitor product stability and performance with the NuGrow team working closely with external soil scientists to ensure that our product is of a consistently high standard.