Neither, depending on your application they are both great to use.

What is the difference between Gravel and Pebble?

Gravel is a crushed product (as in the photo on the left) it has an angular appearance which when laid out tends to “pack” down, ideal for many applications including driveways, paths, drainage and rock mulching. As it is angular it will be harsh to walk on barefoot so if you’re using for a pathway I would also recommend laying some type of paving/stepping slabs on which to walk. Being a quarried product means that the variety of colours available are numerous and varied and a little tip would be if you are using over a whole landscape try and order all at once rather than over a period of time. The reason being; the material can vary in colour as the rock seam in the quarry changes. Remember it is a natural material.

Pebble can be man-made or natural and is a term given to “rounded “rock (as in photo on right). The man made is derived from gravel and machined into rounded material in large agitators. This style of pebble allows for a wider variety of colours. The natural is derived from old creek/river beds, which means the colours and sizing available are what Mother Nature has produced. The usual colours available in the south east are predominately browns, creams and greys. Being a more rounded material means that it is softer under foot which makes it an ideal material for pathways. Also used in dry creek beds as well as decorative topping for pots.